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Public Administrator, Wayne County

32437 Five Mile Road, Livonia, Michigan 48154 Tel# 734.421.7333

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    1. Public Administrator, Attorney General's Office, Wayne County

    2. Over 27 years experience as a Probate and Personal Injury Attorney

    3. Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, Special Assistant Prosecutor

  1. Education

    1. Michigan State University, Juris Doctorate

    2. Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Foreign Exchange Law Student

    3. Northern Michigan University, Bachelor of Science Degree

  2. Legal Affiliations

    1. Former President and Member of the Wayne County Probate Bar Association

    2. Wayne County Probate Case Evaluation Panel,  Chairman

    3. Irish American Lawyers Association

    4. American Bar Association

  3. Outside Affiliations

    1. Resident Agent "Friends for the Development of Greenmead"

    2. Board of Directors of Livonia YMCA - 7 years

    3. Former President and Member, Schoolcraft Collage Board of Governor's - 8 years

    4. Livonia Adult Educational Committee - 5 years

  4. Government Appointments and Involvements

    1. Former Chairman and Member of the Livonia City Planning Commission

    2. Livonia City Councilman